Fox IOT Meetup 5 & 6

Mozilla Firefox IOT Meetup 5 & 6 @ KGISL, Coimbatore on 24 & 25th Dec 2016

     In this meet up i learnt about API with Python.With this API real time data analysis with Raspberry pi board. SSH(Secure shell) plays a major role in doing all the stuff with PI board. CSS and javascript used to design a web-application to control the LED connected with the PI board. By clicking the button in the web-app, LED starts glowing with some delay due to network traffic. Actually PI board is connected wirelessly with the host. Then, real time data analysis had been done. The ON and OFF time graphical representation of LED has been plotted. Video of that prototype had been taken. Everyone shown their interest to do something including me.

In afternoon session introduction to BOT. Quick started with . Then, Vigneshwer created BOT with weather API

Session winded with Christmas treat DOMINO’S PIZZA. I’m very happy to learn all those stuffs.

Meetup 5
Meetup 6


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