MozillaTN Community Meetup

Mozilla TamilNadu Community annual Meet-up event on 21st and 22nd January 2017 at KGISL, Coimbatore, India.

In this annual meet up people from different places and from different colleges in Tamilnadu. Community people shares about them each other. Then meet up get started.

Minutes of the Meet-up!

Vigneshwer gave an intro on what’s the code of conduct of Mozilla. Introduction session given by Karthic KeyanKhaleel and Ammar spoke about community issue. Then community people wrote some issues about the community in sticky notes and pasted in white space and they aligned based on seven categories.


     New logo for MozillaTN has been released. Rohit designed the logo well and good and it shows Tamil traditional. Chief guest addressed about Mozilla Community.

Makilan spoke about social Media. Then split into five teams and gave some sketch pens, charts etc.

ICE Breaking Session

                They given a topic and based on the topic the team members should sketch on the chart paper. Topic given to my team is #OPEN INNOVATION. Members of my team exposed all their ideas and sketch in chart with different colours. After this Mozilla given a tasty Lunch to all the Moz community people.

DP changer –  Site for changing the profile pic to promote the event in social media.

           After Lunch Vigneshwer gives a deep explanation on various ways we plan to contribute to Mozilla in the upcoming year such as evangelism, social media, preparing kits, a focus on emerging technologies and much more.

  • L10N by Khaleel
  • QA and test days by Prasanth
  • Rust by Vigneshwer
  • WebVR by Karthic Keyan
  • Web extensions by Ashly Rose

We also had Subhashish and Arun Kumar explaining us about community, Mozilla goals and encouraged us to keep up the spirit. That was pretty cool, speaking with our senior members’ on hangouts. Then people move on to their tracks. The track leads had a meeting with their mentees and discussed their plans of 2k17 and how they are going to achieve those metrics.

In the Second Day, Karthic Keyan gave an intro about Campus Clubs’. We all separated to tracks WebVR, Add-ons, Rust, L10N and Web compat and QA. I’m in RUST track. Vigneshwer is my track lead. We learnt about Rust and understand the basic knowledge about rust. Installation of Rust in windows makes some problem. It requires C++ Build Tools for proper compiling of Rust in windows. Installation in Mac and Linux doesn’t make any problem.

After Lunch, Gautham Raj discussed about Community issues and solution were provided. People in Rust track given our details to join in Rustaceans Community. We understand some concept of array, enumeration, looping, tuples, vector,.. and goes on. The sample codes where executed.

Presentation about RUST video link

Our team had presented and vigneshwer anna winding up with a word “RUST”.

Everyone in my track had presented about what they did in RUST.

Harminder Kaur listed some links for RUST:

Rust tutorial:
The Rust programming language forum:
Rust Group Coimbatore repository:
Rust Deep learning:
Reddit Rust thread:
Rustaceans git repo:
Rustaceans profile:

We had lots of FUN! #MozFun!

MozTN 17 Photos:

Thank you for reading my blog!


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