Web Compat

On March-30 2017, We have conducted Web Compact Hackathon at SNS College of Technology.

Invitation Link

          At the first, the overview about Mozilla and contribution in Mozilla by Paarttipaabhalaji and Surentharan gave an introduction to the club and what we are doing for Mozilla. Nagaraj gave a brief introduction and demo of web compatibility. I spoke about Rust programming language in Mozilla and Monish spoke about Web VR. After giving the introduction to all the participants’by track leads, web compact hackathon begins. Every participant interested to find the bug and few of them find bugs. Almost 50 participants verified 100 websites and filed 31 bugs.

Unknown       In the afternoon all the track leads in our club said detailed information about their tracks and make groups for each track. For Rust 8 members are interested and we created a group for learning Rust programming and new updates in Rust Language.



Etherpad Results: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/SNSCT_Webcompat_Hackathon_2017-03-30

Detailed Report in SNSCT Blog: https://mozillatn.github.io/snsct/blog/Webcompat-Hackathon



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