Women’s​ Day Celebration

Celebrating Women’s day in SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore – WoMoz’17 on March 8, 2017. WoMoz’17 event had been invited by Kavya. All the track leads of Mozilla SNSCT campus club explained about their tracks and the day mainly focus on web testing and QA. As I’m the track lead for RUST, I explained about…

Bug Verification Day

I have verified some bugs on 5th January 2017 and some bugs are not verified.Browser used Firefox Nightly 53.0.a3    Operating System: Mac oS Seria Bugs Verified Bug 1315458 , Bug 1322720 Bug 1316373 , Bug 1317804 Bugs not Verified Bug 1147034 , Bug 1320066 Thank you contributors @surentharan7 @selva_makilan @rajeshhacker023 @Kavianandha0594 @glnirmal @sailesh27. Happy Contributing! @mozillaQA https://t.co/1ma7K6WUjp — MozillaTamilNadu (@mozillaTN) January 5, 2017